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Babyified Newborn High Landscape Stroller

Babyified Newborn High Landscape Stroller

Babyified Newborn High Landscape Stroller

Get a stroller, bassinet, and car seat all for the price of one!

Babyified Newborn High Landscape Stroller is the stroller you have been looking for! This stroller takes care of all your needs of carrying your baby around. It can be used as a stroller, bassinet, or even a car seat! It is extremely easy to install and fold making it the best stroller in the market. It is very stylish and a great stroller for any mom!


Product Highlights                                                                     

  • 3in1 stylish and multi-functional stroller
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Anti-shock durable rubber
  • Sturdy, durable, and anti-rust aluminum alloy frame
  • Easily switch from the carrycot to toddler
  • Inclusions: Stroller, Bassinet, Car Seat, Mattress, Foot Cover, Summer Mat, Mosquito Net, Cupholder
  • Material: Waterproof Leather & Oxford
  • Delivery: 3-8 days


PRODUCT DETAILS                                                      

Extremely Comfortable. This stroller is specially designed to give your baby the maximum comfort outdoors. The head support is easily adjustable, the basket can be enlarged, it doesn't let your baby experience any shocks along the road, and can be easily folded. It is extremely spacious for your baby to move around and be comfortable.



Long Life. This 3in1 stroller can be used for your baby over the years as they grow. It has a very convenient and safe car seat for your baby as a newborn. It can be easily changed to a bassinet to carry your sleeping baby around, and of course can be used as a stroller at any time.

Easy to Carry & Travel With. The stroller is extremely easy to fold and carry in the trunk of your car. You never have to worry again about carrying different products for different uses.


Adjustable Armrests. The armrest can be easily adjusted to suit moms of all heights. It has 6 adjustable heights that can be easily adjusted as per your needs.


3D Frame and Design. The unique 3D frame and design helps in shock absorbtion and keeps your baby's brain and spine from being damaged.



Easily Adjustable Carrier. The carrier can be easily adjusted to let your baby be in the most comfortable position all day.


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